The Killdeer connection


The Killdeer connection


Tom Swyers



Hang out with the wrong friend, end up a wanted terrorist . . . Worn-out lawyer David Thompson is on a mission to prove his innocence. Falsely accused of murdering his friend, he must desert his family and seek out a secret society of bird-watchers in a desperate search for the truth. When the feds talk of adding a terrorism charge, the death penalty looms and Thompson is on the run from both the law and the real killer. With Thompson out of the way, his family becomes a target. Thrust on a riveting thrill ride through the oil fields of North Dakota, Thompson's quest to save his own skin explodes into a race to save both his family and the nation from a deadly tidal wave of terror. But he may be too late . . . Don't miss this action-packed, realistic, and thought-provoking legal thriller filled with mystery, family secrets, conspiracy, financial intrigue, captivating characters, deception, prejudice, greed, courtroom drama, and a bird! The standalone prequel to The Killdeer Connection in the Lawyer David Thompson Series is Saving Babe Ruth. Check it out!




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The Killdeer connection

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