The past never ends


The past never ends


Jackson Burnett



"... a fast-paced read that pulls together into a surprising ending." – the 5 star review from Open Book Society A simple task, Attorney Chester Morgan thinks. Obtain a copy of the incident report for a young man whose only friend has died in an unexplained accidental death. Except... The police file regarding the demise of sex worker Tanya Everly has been sealed by order of the chief of police, and no one will talk. Warned to drop the matter, Attorney Morgan knows that if he doesn't speak for the dead young woman, no one will. Haunted by his discovery of the body of a prominent local oilman, Morgan pursues a disturbing quest for justice that takes him into the dark shadows of the sex-for-sale business, into the marble courtrooms of Oklahoma, and into the aching loneliness of his own soul. Attorney Chester Morgan may speak for Tanya Everly, but will anyone listen? From the Currentland review: "Jackson Burnett is a vivid wordsmith, telling his story with genius strokes of color and depth. His language is both fluid and elegantly descriptive." Set in the American Southwest in the days before 9/11, The Past Never Ends is both a complex murder mystery and a meditation on the self-perpetuating nature of injustice and the ethereal nature of justice itself.




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The past never ends

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