The Justice Tapes


The Justice Tapes


Herbert Beigel



The time is 1998. As negotiations for a lasting peace between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland are stalled, historian Cornelius Michael Sullivan of Belfast, Northern Ireland travels to New York City to conduct research for a book he is writing on Irish Americans, a trip he makes despite leaving his wife and daughter, and while his father, a former IRA functionary, is dying of emphysema. In New York, Cornelius encounters a Jewish lawyer in an Irish pub who immediately engages him in conversation, a somewhat one-sided conversation as it turns out, in which the lawyer regales him with intriguing tales from his thirty-year career as a trial lawyer. Cornelius is unaware that this meeting is no mere happenstance, and that he is to play a pivotal role in a plot to free a convicted IRA terrorist from Rikers Island Prison before his scheduled deportation in two weeks. The meetings between Cornelius and the mysterious lawyer take place over thirteen nights, and Cornelius tape records what the lawyer says about his life and the cases in which he was involved, stories that bear an eerie connection to ongoing events, as Cornelius finds himself trapped in a world of violence, betrayal, and conflicting loyalties. Throughout, we witness the journey of these two very different men, each embittered by the laws conflict with justice, as they become partners in the search for justice and redemption.




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The Justice Tapes

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