Intent to Commit


Intent to Commit



Soon after Ted Chase successfully defends the unscrupulous chiropractor, Jerry Grundy, he is called to defend the two men being held for his murder. At the same time, he is representing young Laurie Giffen whose family was incinerated in a horrific car crash. His opponent in the civil case is a former law partner who does not play by the rules. Just before summation in the murder trial, Ted finds himself in the position of knowing his clients are innocent, but he must also protect the murderer. He is later called upon to defend Larry Tehan Jr., an aspiring major league pitcher and lifelong sufferer of fetal alcohol syndrome, wrongfully accused of the murder of ne'er-do-well Granville Tethers. His goal is to not only seek an acquittal, but to crush the State's witness in such a manner there will be no doubt of Tehan's innocence for years to come. Life-altering information comes to him during the course of his defense, information he can divulge to no one....until the appropriate time.




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Intent to Commit

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