The Vatican conspiracies : a novel


The Vatican conspiracies : a novel



For years, high-level prelates in the Vatican have pursued a dangerous conspiracy that risks their careers. Then, in the not-too-distant future, the Catholic Church and the Vatican are in crisis. They need money desperately. The Church faces a drastic shortage of priests. Waves of child molestation lawsuits endanger the Church's solvency. Key Vatican assets are discovered missing. A massive planned lawsuit looms over the Vatican and the papacy. Meanwhile, a new Pope considers sweeping reforms in Church teachings and policies that are certain to divide the Church. Suddenly, a new crisis erupts that threatens the very survival of the 2,000 year-old Church. The Church's own laws and procedures are preventing the Vatican from resolving the crisis. "The Vatican Conspiracies" takes you behind the Vatican's medieval walls and bronze doors, and tells the story of the passions, pressures and politics of the leaders trying to save the Church they love, despite the daunting obstacles they face.




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The Vatican conspiracies : a novel

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