When the Devil Whistles


When the Devil Whistles


Rick Acker



"High-stakes intrigue that will keep you flipping pages long into the night." --James Scott Bell, bestselling and award-winning suspense author Allie Whitman and Connor Norman loved making the devils of the corporate world pay. Now, it’s their turn. And the price could be their lives. “I didn’t have a choice. I didn’t.” That’s what Allie Whitman tells herself every night as she lies awake. Sometimes she even believes it. But mostly she knows deep down that her inability to make a hard choice has put millions of lives at risk, including her own. Now the only one who can help her is her lawyer, Connor Norman. Unfortunately, Allie’s actions have destroyed Connor’s trust in her--and may destroy much, much more. "Rick Acker is one of the market's best-kept secrets. When the Devil Whistles blends legal thrills, spies, and military action, offering some unique twists. Acker's characters and settings come to life, and he again breathes new ideas into the genre. Fast-paced and thought-provoking, his third book is his best yet." --Eric Wilson, NY Times bestselling author of Valley of Bones and Fireproof "More than once while reading When the Devil Whistles, I had to remind myself that I wasn't reading John Grisham. Rick Acker's pacing and plot are terrific. A wonderful read from a writer I wish I'd discovered sooner." —Angela Hunt, author of Let Darkness Come.




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When the Devil Whistles

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